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Commands to use our AI Study Buddy

Using our AI Study-Buddy, please type these commands for your chosen subject.


Pp - Type this for INSTANT pastpapers (scroll for CSEC)

Pp Cape

Pp Cape Phys Edu

Pp Cape Econ

Pp Cape A&G Design

Pp Cape It

Pp Cape Accounting

Pp Cape Agri Sci

Pp Cape Art

Pp Cape Bio

Pp Cape Bmed

Pp Cape Carib Studies

Pp Cape Chem

Pp Cape Comm Studies

Pp Cape Cs U1

Pp Cape Cs U2

Pp Cape Digital Media

Pp Cape Electronics

Pp Cape Eng Lit

Pp Cape Entrup

Pp Cape Envi Sci

Pp Cape F&N

Pp Cape Financial Service Studies

Pp Cape French

Pp Cape Geo

Pp Cape Green Eng U1

Pp Cape Gren Eng U2

Pp Cape History

Pp Cape Inte Maths

Pp Cape Law U1

Pp Cape Law U2

Pp Cape Log And Supply

Pp Cape Mob

Pp Cape Phys U1

Pp Cape Phys U2

Pp Cape Pure Maths

Pp Cape Sociology

Pp Cape Spanish

Pp Cape Tourism

Pp Csec

Pp Csec Pe

Pp Csec Re

Pp Csec Td

Pp Csec Add Math

Pp Csec Add Maths

Pp Csec Agri Sci

Pp Csec Art

Pp Csec Bio

Pp Csec Building Tech

Pp Csec Carib History

Pp Csec Chem

Pp Csec Econ

Pp Csec Edpm

Pp Csec Electronics

Pp Csec Eng A

Pp Csec Eng B

Pp Csec F&N

Pp Csec Food And Nutrition

Pp Csec French

Pp Csec Geo

Pp Csec Hsb

Pp Csec Inti Sci

Pp Csec It

Pp Csec Math

Pp Csec Met

Pp Csec Music

Pp Csec Office Admin

Pp Csec Physics

Pp Csec Poa

Pp Csec Pob

Pp Csec Ss

Pp Csec Theatre Arts


sol csec 

sol unit 1

sol unit 2




N.B Commands are not case sensitive.